I was recently given the task of copying a Web Application from one machine to another. It seemed like a simple task so I began by pulling a backup using stsadm, then thought I could simply do a restore into a web app that I had just created on the other box. It seemed simple enough but I ran into a version issue as shown here. One thing to note here is that I was going from 32-bit (Win 2003) to 64-bit (Win 2008 R2), however I don't think that really matters in this instance.

Interesting. So I went to Central Admin. Operations->Servers in Farm on the destination box and said it was version Not the version I need!

I then discovered this site, well my partner in crime, Rod, found it: http://sharepointingitout.blogspot.com/2008/12/sharepoint-2007-version-numbers.html

I proceeded to download KB2553022 which was the one I needed as I'm running WSS 3.0. Once you get to the download just click on the View and request hotfix download as shown here.

I had to fill in my e-mail address etc and then I got the link for the download. It took about 5 minutes to install. I then had to re-run SharePoint.exe to Repair my set-up as the install appeared to take offence to my SharePoint installation as I couldn't open CA or the web app after the install. After I did the Repair I then rebooted and ran the SharePoint Products and Technical Configuration Wizard after it came back up.

That was it, I then opened up CA again and now I have version and the restore WORKED!