So you get this error when you try to deploy a report to SSRS from your Visual Studio Business Intelligence Studio: The permissions granted to user ' are insufficient for performing this operation. This can be the result of a few things.

1. The Folder that you are trying to deploy to does not exist or you don't have permission to create the folder.
2. You don't have permission for that folder!

BUT I'm the Admin, SA, big guy who owns everything so why the hell can't I deploy this dammed report!! It is more than likely that you have changed the permissions in the folder yourself and broken the parent inheritance and removed yourself at the same time. It happens! Or maybe someone else removed you. So how can you re-apply the permissions? You CAN’T do via the URL directly because that access is GONE. You need to launch SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration, then go to Report Manager URL and click on THAT LINK! Yeah, now you can reconfigure your messed up permissions.

Hope this helps someone else out one day!