I ran into a problem recently when looking up the Created By and Modified By fields for an List Item so I caould display it on an Application Page. When I opened the page it worked fine, however when a user with less privilages opened it they got an error laie this "Value does not fall within the expected range".

This is what I found and I have no idea why this was the solution BUT it worked for me.


It seems there can be several causes.
1). Use of invalid field name. You need to use the internal field name! However, that was not the case in my situation.
2). Change the List View Lookup Threshold value of the web application. Default value is 8, I changed it to 20 and big surprise: it worked! Thanks to this post.
Note: My item has some lookup fields some of which some have more than 8 items.
Little conclusion: So it seems that when using (one of) the system admin accounts, this list view lookup threshold is ignored in one way. By using non-system admin accounts, it can be a show stopper.
Steps to edit this value:

  • Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Manage web applications
  • Select the appropriate web application (in my case the SharePoint - 80)
  • In the ribbon bar, select General Settings > Resourse Throttling
  • Search for the List View Lookup Threshold and change the value to 20.