Microsoft Access and using SQLite Databases with ODBC

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Microsoft Access Forms and Queries can used as a front end for SQLite datebases by using the free ODBC driver written by Christian Werner which can be found at

What can be done.

  1. Link to SQLite Databases and tables allowing you to add, update and delete the records in them.
  2. Import SQLite tables into Access.
  3. Create tables in SQLite Databases by exporting tables and query results from MS Access.


What can not be done.

  1. Delete SQLite tables- you may only delete the link to the table
  2. Alter the structure of a sqlite table within MS Access.

Set up the ODBC Data Source on Windows XP

  1. Run the installation program sqliteodbc.exe
  2. Go to the control panel and look for "Data Sources (ODBC)".
    It may have it's own icon in the control panel or it may be listed in Administrative Tools
  3. Click on "Data Sources (ODBC)" which will bring up the "ODBC Data Source Administrator Dialog" Box.
  4. In the &#User DSN" tab select Add to bring up the "Create New Datasource" dialog box.
  5. Select the appropriate driver most likely the "SQLite 3 ODBC Driver".
  6. Enter the data source name and your done.

Create Table in SQLite from MS ACCESS

Steps to create a table in SQLite from Microsoft Access.
From the menu bar in Access, go to;

  1. File - Export
  2. Export Table Dialog Box
  3. "Save As Type" drop down box
  4. Select "ODBC Databases"
  5. Export to File Name
  6. Select Machine Data Source Tab
  7. Select "SQLite Database"
  8. Click OK
  9. SQLite 3 ODBC Driver Connect
  10. Browse for database name

Linking to tables in a SQLite database from MS Access

  1. Go to the File menu
  2. Select "Get External Data"
  3. Select "Link Tables"
  4. Link dialog Box
  5. Files of type drop down box
  6. Select ODBC Databases()
  7. Machine Data Source Tab
  8. Select "SQLite Database"
  9. Select "Sqlite 3 ODBC Driver Connect"
  10. Database Name
  11. Browse for file